Free Psychic Meditation Sessions

Guided practices for awakening to the subtle energies within and all around, opening us to a deeper communion with our emerging soul path. Soul awareness is a reclaiming of our inner world, the Imaginal, which reveals the ways for healing, fulfillment, and empowerment.

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A Psychic Path Series

A 10-Week, Full-Spectrum Course on the Craft of Psychic Living

We open the third eye with the arts of clairvoyance or “clear seeing” and traverse a path of wisdom, love, and power, reclaiming our soul, deepening our connection, and contributing to the forging of an emergent psychic culture from the mires of distortion we were born into. Establishing ourselves in the essential practices of a thriving psychic life, we expand our awareness and capacities to create a practical psychic path that enhances our everyday lives with soul-infusion and creates a radically empowering understanding that defies the expectations of the mind as we re-establish the heart-mind to embody our mythic dreaming.

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