Classes & Events

Reclaiming Soul, Culture & Connection

Unfolding a Psychic Path

In the Light of the Dawn
of the Midnight Sun

Dreaming Yourself Awake

Empty-Handed Magic
Class Series
The Craft of Psychic Living

A Psychic Path
Psychic Seership
Psychic Transformation
Psychic Dreamwalking

The art of energy awareness and transformation, often called “reading” and “healing” respectively, are both the basic and advanced skills of the psychic. I have created these courses to include the ways I was trained and to be updated to reflect the needs of our current cultural contexts. Becoming psychic is not only about empowering yourself but also about contributing to the emergent psychic culture that we are on the cusp of realizing.

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Sovereign, Seer, Sage
Wolf, Raven, Dragon
Psychic Sorcery Class Series

Psychic Warriorship – Wolf Sovereign
Rewilding the Chakras – Raven Seer
Interdimensional Psychic Sorcery – Dragon Sage

This is a threefold collection of advanced psychic teachings that track the paths of our ancient mystical allies, the Wolf, Raven and Dragon, to rewild our chakras, deepen our connection with and experience of the Soul of the World and reclaim our Hidden Path of Wisdom, Love and Power.

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Psychic Meditation Classes

Guided practices for awakening to the subtle energies within and all around us to open us to a deeper communion with our emerging soul path. Soul awareness is a reclaiming of our inner world, the Imaginal, which opens the ways for healing, fulfillment and empowerment.

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Psychic Alchemy Class

A lens into the crafting of an alchemical mind, aligning with the understandings revealed in the mystery traditions which sought to turn lead into Soul. 

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Myth & Fairytale Classes

Mythic Tales: The Dreaming Mind of Soul
Fairytales: Mirrors of the Soul’s Path

Cultivating our Dreaming Awareness to delve into these enigmatic stories which come to us from somewhere lost in Deep Time. Through the Mythic Mind, we can access such stories as the teachers of Soul Initiation which they truly are.

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Sacred Geometry:
Subtle Keys to Multidimensional Awareness Class

Recreate the realm of matter (“Mother”) in your awareness through the lens of Sacred Geometry. Explore the inherent significance of such shapes as the pentagram, hexagram, circle, line, pyramid & more. Learn to construct the Flower of Life and how it is a geometric creation myth that gives birth to all forms.

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