Why Cultivate An Alchemical Mind?

The alchemical mind is a key to understanding and thereby effecting the processes of life on all levels. Read more

Black, White & Red

The language of color is as varied as the meaning of words. We must reclaim our languages to empower our will. Read more

Soulful Anger

Whether we avoid or indulge, we are missing the natural gifts which our shadow is obscuring. Read more

Psychic Rebirthing

The soul-redemption we seek is not redemption in the eyes of some greater power, but in the eyes of our own power as we reclaim it. Read more

What Is Psychic Culture?

The word “psychic” literally means “of the soul.” With this in mind, what exactly is “psychic culture?” Read more

The War of Psychic Images

Clarifying clairvoyance, learning to see through the distortions used to entrain us to the path of dissociation. Read more

The Giant Has Us Cornered

Our struggles with “big” issues are given a soul perspective remedy by the Fairytales Giant. Read more

No Chakra Left Behind

As above, so below. To deny the low is to not have roots, without which we will never rise to the light. Read more

Rewilding the Psychic Body

Our bodies do not exist in culture. Our bodies create culture. We must reclaim the psychic body in order to reclaim culture. Read more

The Marriage of Spirit & Soul

What goes up, must come down. The dance of inherent perfection and the spiraling of limitation is not to be missed. Read more

Surviving & Thriving As A Psychic/Empath

The path of the Empath & Psychic Sensitive is a path of warriorship. Read more

The Essential Need
For A Truly Pagan Heart

Exploring the original meaning of the word & how its seemingly mundane usage points us to a vital need of our modern world. Read more

The Sacred Teachings of the Mother, the Father & the Beyond

The Mother Teachings create the village worth living in. The Father Teachings assure that village sustains itself. The Child comes in to both become and transcend them both. Read more

Ensouling the Hero

The Hero’s journey is praised by soul deniers & rejected by soul makers, yet when seen in the light of the midnight sun of soul is a true path of soul. Read more

Psychic Serpent Mysteries

The serpent mysteries are pivotal elements to explore as the Western world struggles with a reclaiming of spiritual dignity. Read more

Our Emergent Psychic Culture

A truly psychic culture is unavoidable, though those of us who work for its unfolding may not live to see it become. Read more

Discovering the Mythic Mind

The Mythic Mind is our Dreaming Awareness given the materials of ancient myths, or collective dreams passed down to us through Deep Time, to alchemize. Read more

The Wicked Witch Has Our Soul

She lives in remote places. On the edge of a village, out in the caves, in crags, in the middle of a wasteland or dark forest. Seen clearly, she is the Death Mother as opposed to the Mother of Death. Read more

Psychic Certainty – Its Necessity & Flaws

To cultivate a thriving psychic path through life we must wrestle with the double edged sword of certainty. Read more

Witchcraft, Soul-Making & Psychic Initiation

The witch’s craft holds the keys to a return of our wise culture of elders, if it can get over itself. Read more

Initiation: Reclaiming the Heart of the World

The word “initiation” gets used far to casually in today’s spiritual communities. We have forgotten that a true initiation is always an encounter with death. Read more

Reclaiming the Body

For too long psychic practices have been cultivated to move out of the body. It is time to return to our bodies, and to utilize the profound resource of intelligence that they are. Read more