Our Team

Gabriel Marihugh

Gabriel has trained in the clairvoyant arts from 1996 through 2011 with Chriss Lemmon, Ph.D., and his Order of the Ascended Rose.  He graduated from this comprehensive program as a Doctor of Divinity and began teaching his own approach in 2012. He is the author/artist of the Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards. He teaches esoteric arts, especially cultivating the chakras and awakening our dreaming awareness. He has been facilitating rituals for over 20 years.

His professional credentials include spending many years with many different teachers and learning many different ways. He feels he does not represent any of those teachings or lineages of which he has studied. Nor does he care much to mention them usually. He is both a Minister and Doctor of Divinity in the Order of the Ascended Rose. These are dubious titles to be sure, but he takes them seriously. He has invested over 30 years of his life specifically into earning them by cultivating himself as a resource and a worthy navigation point, a Soulful resource for those of his community.

“The world, our experience, and our psyches are endlessly more mysterious than we will ever know. The mystics of antiquity knew this and also knew that the task before them was not to map it out accurately to pass it on to the next generation but instead to map it out usefully and enticingly to inspire the next generation to keep going beyond. This is why storytelling and theatrical traditions are at the heart of the mysteries. This is why our most profound truths can only be relayed in poetry, image, and music. This is why we are starving for the wildness, depth, and creativity of Soul in a world obsessed with specificity and authority.

My teachings are difficult to summarize, but they involve the cultivation of a life of awareness of subtle energies, waking dreams, and the tending of the Psyche, the Psychic, the Soul. My deepest devotion is to the mysteries of Awareness itself, which are by far the most enigmatic to discuss yet can be said to be the altar of the Heart. My love, art, and wonder ever reside in the play of creative energies that are life itself and the attempt to reflect inwards and outwards the Soul of the World in my own unique way.”

Jemma Skye Champeau

Originally from Australia, Jemma Skye Champeau is a dancer and lover of nature, trees and the sacredness of all life. She is a Grief Support Practitioner, a certified Transpersonal Counselor, and a Hatha Yoga & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher. She is an initiated Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School tradition and a Reiki master-level practitioner. She lived and worked at The Temple of The Way of Light healing center in the Amazon jungle, Peru, offering psychospiritual inquiry, Yoga and dance therapy classes. Jemma is also currently studying intuitive development and is a Certified Intuitive Practitioner in training.

Jemma has taught mindfulness to teenagers in high schools and inmates in Correctional Facilities, and she is a Death Doula and a Hospice volunteer. Jemma was a professional dancer for a decade, traveling the world extensively, and has taught Pilates since 2003.

“May all that I do and all that I am be for the benefit of all beings everywhere, and may all beings know the beauty of their own hearts.”