Psychic Meditation Sessions

“We are not seeking the meaning of life, we are seeking to be truly alive.”
—Joseph Campbell

This FREE class is currently being held weekly. Sunday mornings at 8 am, Pacific. Please contact me for access info.

Psychic Meditation is an integrative approach to meditation, blending both mindfulness and guided visualization. It aims to reclaim the psychic or soul body, which includes the physical body, to return the practitioner to a sense of wholeness on multiple levels of experience. It is a form of psychic hygiene, which clears our energy from psychic distortions and assists us in cultivating our psychic life force energy flowing through our being. It is a manifestation practice as it clarifies our creative energies and aligns our power with our wisdom so that our path with heart can reveal itself within and before us.

Techniques in each class will vary to suit the day’s energy and generally may include working with the chakras, the aura, guides, and visionary journeys of self-discovery.

The Root Practice of Natural Light

Practice begins and continues throughout with a mindfulness approach of cultivating direct awareness. In this practice, we become the students of our breath, our body and our environment, learning to discern non-conceptual awareness and cultivate the beginner’s mind. With practice, our capabilities for mindfulness expand to include learning from our inner world of mind and feeling and learning from our outer world of relationships and circumstances. As our experience and insight deepen we begin to recognize awareness itself as the essence of all experience.

The Growth Practices of Creative Light

Working from the mindful foundations of the root practice, we explore energy, our abilities to see, feel and change the energy within our own experience. What does it mean to heal? To transform? To manifest? While there are many aspects of energy work to explore, they are all an inquiry into our relationship with Soul and our relationship with unfolding, which I also call energetic maturity. Maturity, certainty, seniority, trust, permission, harmony, grounding and centering are just some of the many topics explored within these practices and are based on this uncommon approach to the chakras.