Transpersonal Counseling & Grief Support

The purpose of soul healing is the deepening of our experience of life. This is often called embodiment and is a process of integrating the many aspects of our self. This includes all the parts that we have forgotten, judged as wrong or tried to hide, usually for the purpose of belonging, as well as the feelings that went unfelt, due to pain or trauma. Through soul healing, we can open to the awareness that all of life is happening for our greater unfolding, and our pain can be our greatest teacher.

Through embodiment of all life experiences, including grief, loss and trauma, we experience wholeness, and we claim deeper access to all of who we are and what we are here to offer. Ultimately, soul healing clears away all that keeps us from living a life that is rich, joyous and full of love and connection. A typical session may include grief work, childhood integration, trauma healing, guided meditations, visualizations, and somatic therapy techniques.

Jemma is a certified Transpersonal Counselor from the Phoenix Institute in Australia. She has trained with Author and soul activist, Francis Weller for grief ritual facilitation, the Grief Studio for Creative Grief Support and Firefly Trauma-Informed Yoga.